Remember /latest.php?

This one is for everyone who bookmarked /latest.php so they could get straight to the comic action and are now staggering in the wilderness of the new site design calling out for a static URL to bookmark so they can find their way:

Check out the URLs on those big buttons on the right. Y’know, the ones that I will repeat here for 8-bit Theater, Warbot in Accounting, and Atomic Robo. My suggestion would be too use those static URLs that point to the latest comics.

Oh, don’t feel bad for missing it, everyone did. I’m just jerkin’ you around for no reason. Judging by the volume of e-mail on this subject, I figured it was something that needed to be addressed for the public at large.

There’s also the RSS feed which, near as I can tell, is a thing you click if you’re too lazy to click on things. I don’t begrudge RSS, I just don’t understand the point. It strikes me as something for people who hop into their car for a drive to the grocery store only to sit there in the driveway saying, “You mean I have to turn the key?” And then they starve to death.