I survived

We are back from The State That Shan’t Be Named.

Again, I would like to take this opportunity to dispel any inklings of hints of ideas that I’m from Alabama. Many people are, and that’s fine for them, but I was born and raised in the horrible swamps of Florida. Big difference!

8-bit Theater will be back to updating as usual starting Tuesday. I hope you’ll join us. Zack claims we’ll see a new Warbot comic this week, but I’m not counting my chicks before they hatch into a cold and unforgiving world. And How I Killed Your Master should power through on Mondays and Fridays like clockwork because we have an actual buffer on that thang. Be on the look out for all new online exclusive Atomic Robo pages to start popping up in a couple weeks. Fun!

Oh, and I revamped our RSS feeds. You can now subscribe to everything or just the comic(s) you want.