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So, my copy of Pathfinder arrived today. It is not only the largest RPG book I’ve ever owned (575 pages with the index), but it’s also the only 3rd ed or 3.5 ed book I’ve ever owned. I just never needed the damn things. Every time I showed up to a game, we’d be swimming in Player’s Handbooks and Monster Manuals. Adding another batch of books to the pile was beyond redundant. I’ve only had a chance to flip through it — longingly, I assure you — but it’s a gorgeous book. Full color and great art that’s easily on par with Exalted 2nd ed without all the creepy nekkid demons.

I’m not sure why I was so excited to get this thing. The odds of me ever playing it are next to nothing. I guess I wanted a (better balanced) piece of pre-4th ed D&D that could live forever on my shelf. I gotta hankerin’ to make a cool archer kind of dude who will never, ever get to see the light of day. What’s a good build to go with?

For all you favored sons and daughters of the future, the iPhone is now home to more Atomic Robo comics. Both FCBD stories are available for free and every issue of Volume 2 is on sale for ninety-nine cents each. You can get all of ’em with ComiXology’s app. Volume 2 will be available through iVerse as well, but not yet because of dumb bureaucratic reasons on Apple’s end of the equation that I only pretend to understand.