From the frontlines

I never did plug last week’s Nerdy Show, so I’m doin’ that now!

Zack, the crew, and I are still plugging away at Emerson Wild. The bad news is that this has caused delays for Warbot! Or, wait, is that good news? Either way, I should have the next one written by Tuesday so it can go live later this week or early next.

The next issue of Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time hits next Wednesday, September 16th, and looks like this. It’s the conclusion of the current storyline and it should be a treat for time travel nerds because we do it right. Like Primer, but with a robot and decipherable. Or Timecrimes, but with a protagonist who doesn’t make you want to invent time travel yourself for the sole purpose of getting to punch him forever. And we do this without traveling through time. So, yeah, probably not the best jumping on point. But if you pick(ed) up the previous issues or the upcoming trade (Dec ’09), oh man, you’re in for a treat.

But the big thing, the truly big thing, the moment of hideous clarity when you realize your entire life until now has been one long fugue, that thing is the release of a new album by The Protomen.