And they said I turned my back on my roots.

All right, so, things are a little hectic around here. I’m juggling something between five and a million writing gigs.

One of them is Captain America: The Fighting Avenger and in some ways it’s the most daunting. There’s just so much history and material to draw from. And everyone wants to see their favorite early Cap moments. Or at least have them alluded to. But there’s only so many pages in an issue, and who knows how many of those we’ll get to do and — ARGH — it’s just a ton of pressure.

Now, here’s the thing. In this industry, artists get paid a ton more than writers. Like several tons more. It’s crazy. I mean, okay, they earn it. The poor bastards can only draw so many pages in a day, generally one, while jackasses like me can just write script after script consisting of giant splash pages that take all of ten seconds to figure out and ten hours for some other idiot to draw. But, all the same, fuck that noise, GIMME DAT ARTIST MONEY!

Well, luckily, I’m a genius so I figured out how to get in on that action by using my years of experience as a sprite comic artiste! I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but check out this exclusive preview of Captain America: The Fighting Avenger #1.

Pretty amazing, right?

The best part is I can do like three or four of these pages every day. I’m callin’ up Quesada in the morning with this. Gonna start doing the art on New Avengers or an X-Men or something.