The Stuff That’s Happening

Been keeping up with Matt’s The Dreadful? The site’s been a little odd about new pages displaying hours after they’re actually updated.

What about that How I Killed Your Master thing? Well, all I can say is I signed an NDA saying I can’t say why I haven’t had a chance to write new pages. This is quite frustrating as we’re very near the end of the current chapter, and the next one will take us very near the end. Like, of the whole thing! Thank you, everyone, for your patience. Please trust that I’m itching to jump back on it as soon as I can.

Okay, so remember that Iceman & Angel #1 comic I did? Well, Atomic Robo editor and Avengers and the Infinity Gauntlet co-writer Lee Black wrote Cyclops #1. It features interior art by Dean Haspiel and more Batroc action than you could shake the Circus of Crime at. It comes out Wednesday, please check it out!

Do you live in North Carolina? If so, come to Ultimate Comics and do this thing for Free Comic Book Day:

Oh, and the Dr. Dinosaur and Atomic Robo statues are available. Check ’em out!

Oh, and Mr. Scott Wegener and I will be speaking at the Academy of Art in San Francisco this Thursday for their second annual Comics Symposium. We’ll be on a panel where we pretend to know what we’re doing!