Dungeons & Doritos

The biggest Nerdy Show production outside of, uh, Nerdy Show is D&D: Dungeons & Doritos.

If you’re unfamiliar with our take on D&D, lemme break it down.

* Live, improvised tabletop roleplaying (by a bunch of morons)

* Newest ep is a jumping on point for new listeners (probably not a bunch of morons)

* Why it’s awesome – It’s what happens when a bunch of morons sit around trying to out-moron one another and then sometimes dice get rolled. In other words: it’s just like your own tabletop group but on the internet!

* It’s a new season, so all-new storyline and easy to pick up. If you’re into origins, the original episodes can be found right here.

* Updated character sheets. Hey, you’re a big nerd listening to a D&D podcast. Character sheets, updated or not, are straight up your alley.