Sorry folks!

Yesterday was all kinds of messed up. As in Finally Had Breakfast At 3:30pm messed up. Like I mentioned on The Twitter, one of our cats was sick — Kurt, not Charlie, despite the latter’s diet — so, I spent a good deal of time at the vet and then keeping an eye on the bastard (Kurt, not the vet) once we got home. Long story short, he’s fine! Until the next time this happens!

I know everyone wants to see the next page of 8-bit. Me too! But it’s not in the cards for today. I’ve got to work on stuff with real deadlines like print schedules and ship dates and the kind of crap that’ll cost other people money if I don’t do it. I hope you know how much I appreciate that you guys are able to understand when real life crap gets in the way; and I hope you appreciate how I don’t abuse that.

In the meantime, believe it or not, Zack is about half way done with a new Warbot. We’ll have a new page of How I Killed Your Master tomorrow, and of course 8BT back on track Saturday. Somewhere in there we’ll have the first half of the D&D game we played for this week’s Nerdy Show. It stars a Russian rock golem, a Dragonborn with the voice of Lady Cobra Commander, my Tiefling with the voice of Throat Cancer Cobra Commander, and…a chair that was magically transformed into a mostly-naked dwarf. Regular listeners will know that last one is Mike’s “character”, and you will know that I spent a lot time telling him “No”.