I figured the WHM was more known than the AWS

Oh yeah! Forgot to hook up the latest edition of The Nerdy Show! I don’t know what happens when we record those shows, it’s all a hideous blur of noise and tears.

Yesterday was one of those weird days where you wake up as tired as if you’d never gone to sleep. And then I made the mistake of venturing into the smoldering outdoors for a few hours in a car with an AC as strained as the heat sinks in WHM-6L Warhammer going full blast.

That’s for my fellow old school dorks out there. You’re welcome.

Anyway, very exhausting. But today’s comic is done, so hooray!

If you’re into Atomic Robo, then you’ll be interested in the little teaser animation on the other end of this link. You’re welcome!

Y’know, over the years I’ve gotten a few requests for T-shirts with the 8BT sprites on them. Maybe you’re one of those people? I dunno. Anyway…

…you’re welcome for that as well!