How I Killed Your First Chapter

Today’s page of How I Killed Your Master represents the end of our first chapter. Check it out from the start and let us know what you think.

We’ll start the next chapter when I get back from Italy. We burned through the majority of the buffer to get here, so maybe Matt can use next week as an excuse to catch back up. Alternatively, it’d represent a great opportunity for you guys to sneak in some commissions while I’m unable to scream obscenities at him for daring to think of doing things that aren’t directly tied to HIKYM. Like all that goddamn sleep he insists on needing every two or three days. Don’t get me started!

Interesting Atomic Robo fact. Our issues place in the Top 300 of all comic sales every month we release one. We’re always in the bottom fifty, but still, we’re there! I know “Bottom of the Top 300” doesn’t sound so hot, well, unless you know a fair amount of comics history and the hows and whys of near total market domination by Marvel and DC. In the print world we’re still an unknown team working on an unknown book from a new publisher, so making the list at all is impressive. To put the Marvel/DC Domination Thing into perspective: while Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time #5 came in at 296 in the Top 300 of all comics for the month of September, it was also in the top twenty of all small press books.

Y’know what’s interesting about that list? Atomic Robo is the only comic on it that…

1) …doesn’t tie in to a larger intellectual property built on film, TV, animation, other comics, video games, and in some cases decades of previous material consisting of one or more of those media.

2) …doesn’t have an established creator involved.

You guys are making this possible. Thank you.