Oct 27th – Nov 2nd I will be going to, in, or coming back from Italy. If all goes well, I will not contract a horrible disease in my travels and 8BT comics can resume upon my return. But the fact is I’m overdue for a cold and I’m going to be in a crowd the size of SDCC in one-third the space of SDCC. Why anyone would want to afflict this beautiful town with that kind of rabble is beyond me, but what the hell, I’ll go.

Not sure what kind of connectivity I’ll have over there. Apparently Italian cell phone signals are made out of actual gold that’s carried, by hand, through a network of underground tunnels lined with gold and originally dug by the kings of Europe using golden spoons. When the signals arrive at the only relay station on the continent, the Pope himself transmits your message via (golden) teletype to a satellite (also golden) originally put into orbit by a rocketship (solid gold) powered by fuel derived from the remains of every single saint.

At least, that’s the only way I can plausibly justify the international rates on my plan. I mean, seriously. These are kilobytes, not grams of plutonium.

So, I dunno. There may or there may not be updates from the road. My stupid Twitter account would probably be the best way to keep track of that. Either way, I’ll see you jerks next week.