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So, Virginia’s interesting.

I know no one can drive no matter where you go, but it seems a campaign of misinformation has besieged these people for at least two generations. Here’s a short list of what no one in this state knows about driving:

1. Signals.
2. The pedal on the left.
3. The pedal on the right.

By contrast, the list of what no one in Florida knows about driving is:

1. Green lights.
2. It’s okay if it rains.
3. It doesn’t make you less of a man if I have to pass you, calm down.

So, y’know, it’s basically trading a collection of obnoxious behavior for a collection of oblivious behavior. Not sure which I prefer, but my familiarity with the second list makes suddenly dealing with the first one all the more aggravating. Humbug!

P.S. I’m bringing back “humbug.”