An Explanation!

Okay, so. Perhaps you’ve noticed certain irregularities with comic updates ’round these parts lately. Here’s the 411 (I’m bringing back “here’s the 411” too):

8-bit Theater: I do all the graphical work on my PC. Long story short, since the move my PC doesn’t have an internet connection. Don’t bother sending me suggestions on how to fix that, the sentiment is absolutely appreciated but trust me here, it’s not an option for the time being. Additionally, I don’t have 100% reliable access to my PC. As you may have guessed, it ain’t easy to make a digital comic without the digital.

How I Killed Your Master: This one is totally my fault. I took time off to pack up for the move. Coincidentally, that’s when we got to the last completed page. I have since written up ten or so pages. And the day Matt went back to work, his computer imploded. So, more delays there. The good news is that Matt’s system is up and running again and he’s back to work. We’d start putting up new pages right now, but we want a few pages under our belt before we start going live.

Warbot: This has fallen victim to conflicting schedules. Zack and I are working to get back on track though. What we have planned is depressing enough that you may want to thank us for the unplanned hiatus once it’s over.

I just wanted you guys to know what was up. Hopefully I haven’t stretched your patience too far with these rocky update schedules. If it’s any consolation, you can be assured I am either working my ass off on the PC when I can or worrying my ass off when I can’t. It’s Ass City over here, is what I’m saying.