My Terrible Addiction

No, not coffee. Or pancakes. Or tacos. Or slivovitz. Or porno.

Space Pirates and Zombies. Which, okay, sounds like the craftless dreck a six year old would write, but no. You play as some space pirates, and they’re not “We’re nerds and have no idea when a joke is over” space poirates yar, but more like 40k Rogue Traders with a busted fleet trying to scrape together a profit in a war torn galaxy. And eventually you run into some creepy techno-zombies that’re like the goddamn Borg and shit gets real(tm).

Mining, exploring, 2D space fighting, ship building and customizing, it’s a fun time. You can get the demo or pick up the beta, which is essentially the full game at a discount. Fair warning: if you get the demo, you will black out after a while and wake up to find you bought the beta. Be careful.

Full disclosure: it can get a little grindy every so often. The galaxy is randomly generated, so there will be times when you’ve got to stop and level up a bit before you can move on. It’s not too bad though: levels come relatively quick, and you can scour battlefield maps where the game’s two factions fight each other for quickie experience, minerals, and body farming — let them kill each other, reap the rewards, fuck tha po-lice.