Gawk at us!

Scott Wegener and I will be at HeroesCon in Charlotte NC this weekend, June 3rd – 5th.

Witness the Melting Yankee as he withers under the mildly humid weather south of the Mason-Dixon Line!

Watch the Living Ghoul. He talks, he shambles — all without an ounce of blood in his veins!

We will have all four volumes of Atomic Robo comic book trade paperbacks. Including! A handful of the rare and sold out and absurdly-priced-everywhere-but-here Vol 2!

Also! Do you have kids? Are you a kid? Why are you reading this website, kid? There could be curse words like penis and bastard. Yeah, I know penis isn’t a curse word, but we’re going with the broader Things You Shouldn’t Say Around Grandma definition here, try to keep up.

So yeah, bring kids by our table and get ’em loaded. With free comics! Don’t want free comics? Too bad! We will chase you.