Episode 1154 without the epilepsy

Seriously, if you have problems viewing flashing/strobing things, then you’ll want to read this version of today’s comic.

[EDIT: Meanwhile, your e-mails have convinced me to share the unblemished Glorious Llama Panel — beware its vomitrobic effect.]


The newest issue of Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time comes out tomorrow. Y’oughta pick it up.

Speaking of tomorrow, I’ll be on The Nerdy Show from 9pm – 11pm EST. You can listen to us play D&D live on the air. Y’know, in case calling it “The Nerdy Show” wasn’t clear enough.

Next weekend you can come and see me and Scott at Connecticon! We’ll have prints, original art, T-shirts, and smiles — and they’re all for you! Except the smiles. Those are for the gin and tonics. You should drop by. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll learn.